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Talks, Panels, and Lectures

  1. Mühlberg, J. T. (2022). “Sustainable Security: What do we sustain, and for whom?” Keynote talk at DATE 2022, W09: Sustainability in Security, Security for Sustainability. Retrieved from https://www.beetzsee.de/posts/talks/20220318-date-w9-sustainable-security.pdf
  2. Crepax, T., & Mühlberg, J. T. (2021). “I used to be bad at Tetris, and now I can’t get a mortgage! On Assessing Privacy Risks in Online Games for Children.” 10th annual Symposium Ethics in the Age of Smart Systems. Retrieved from https://www.beetzsee.de/posts/2021/04/19/ai4s-privacy-in-games.html
  3. Molnar, P., & Mühlberg, J. T. (2021). “Technological Testing Grounds: Migration Management Experiments in the Age of COVID-19.” 10th annual Symposium Ethics in the Age of Smart Systems. Retrieved from https://www.beetzsee.de/posts/2021/04/19/ai4s-tech-testing-grounds.html
  4. Mühlberg, J. T. (2020). “Trusted Execution and how far you can trust it.” CIF Seminar, KU Leuven. Retrieved from https://www.beetzsee.de/posts/talks/20200207-cif-trusted-computing.pdf
  5. Mühlberg, J. T. (2019). “Defining Environmental Sustainability in ICT.” Keynote talk at QA&Test 2019, Bilbao, Spain. Retrieved from https://www.beetzsee.de/posts/talks/20191029-qatest-sustainable-ict.pdf
  6. Mühlberg, J. T., Noorman, J., & Piessens, F. (2015). Lightweight and Flexible Trust Assessment Modules for the Internet of Things. Invited talk at QA&Test 2015, Bilbao, Spain.
  7. Mühlberg, J. T., & Freitas, L. (2011). Combining Formal Methods and Testing: A Case Study on FreeRTOS. Invited talk at QA&Test 2011, Bilbao, Spain.
  8. Mühlberg, J. T. (2011, May). A Quick Tour of the VeriFast Program Verifier.

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